Focus on the development and production of planetary reducers and hydraulic center slewing bodies

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The rocks of Mount Tai, Wenshui dripping. At the foot of Mount Tai, where the Five Sacred Mountains dominate, and in the world-famous tourist city-Shandong Taian, a modern technological innovation enterprise-Shandong Daixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has grown. The Taishan culture, which embraces the world and strives for progress, has nurtured and created the extraordinary character of "Daiyue Quality, Beyond Innovation" of Shandong Daixin.

The company is located in Shandong Taishan Industrial Park, with Taishan in the north, Qufu in the south, and close to Jinan International Airport, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, and Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. It is a modern small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of planetary gear transmission products.

The company firmly grasps the pulse of industry development technology, actively develops research and development with various OEMs, and cooperates with Shandong Province Mechanical Design Institute, Tianjin University, Shandong University of Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Taishan University and other scientific research institutions, successively in construction machinery, exploration In the fields of machinery, road clearing machinery, aerial work machinery, marine winch machinery, petroleum machinery, truck-mounted cranes and other fields, we have developed a series of precision and new products of planetary gears. It has 5 utility model patents and 2 appearance patents.

The main products are: truck crane series: 8-100 tons of lifting mechanism and slewing mechanism, crawler crane series 16-100 tons of walking mechanism; aerial work vehicle series: 18-30 meters of lifting mechanism and slewing mechanism, truck-mounted crane series 6 -25 ton hydraulic winch and slewing mechanism; 1.5 ton -40 ton DJ series hydraulic winch products widely used in obstacle clearing machinery, marine machinery, petroleum machinery and other fields.

Shandong Daixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has always put brand strategy and quality management as the top priority of the company's development. The planetary gear transmission mechanism produced not only meets the international ISO 4301 and ISO9001 standards, but also meets the US SAE J706 standard and the EU CE standard. The company develops, cultivates, and consolidates markets both inside and outside the province based on quality, reputation and service. Since its establishment, the company has continuously strengthened its management and established a complete set of effective management systems for marketing management, production and operation management, product quality management, financial cost management, material supply management, talent team building, and product development. The company makes full use of network resources and has established strategic partnerships with a number of media, Alibaba website, China Enterprise Momentum website and other brand-name websites to enhance customers’ understanding of the company. It has participated in many domestic and foreign product fairs or large-scale exhibitions and invited domestic and foreign Customers come to the company for inspection and negotiation. At present, the products are exported to more than ten provinces and cities in Northeast China, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Guizhou, Beijing, Henan and Tianjin. The top three in the national construction machinery industry are the company’s customers. Among them, Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion are both listed companies; Guangdong Yuehai Company, a manufacturer of wrecker trucks, is a major customer of the company. Its products are used in my country and Military wrecker trucks of Russia, Canada and India. At the same time, it is also the main supplier of the high-altitude vehicle manufacturing company-Xuzhou Helenze Company. The products have been accompanied by Helenze's high-altitude vehicles, inspecting the lanterns in front of Tiananmen Square, and made contributions to Shandong Dai's newcomers to ensure the National Day parade!

In order to ensure the stable improvement of product quality and production capacity, and provide reliable equipment and resource guarantee for the research and development and trial production of new products, the company has increased equipment investment and built professional standardized workshops. There are more than 70 large and medium-sized equipment such as CNC boring machines, machining centers, CNC gear shapers, CNC lathes, and CNC drilling machines, including 50 equipment for direct production; advanced testing and testing equipment, including metallographic physical and chemical inspection, Main inspection methods such as gear inspection, finished product loading test and three-coordinate tester.

The new era calls for new deeds. In recent years, the company has been actively transforming and upgrading, innovating and developing. Based on the development and production of planetary reducers, coupled with the development of motors and hydraulic valves, a special laboratory has been established, and the development of a complete hydraulic system and an intelligent direction has been established. Users provide more convenient, smarter and more satisfying solutions to make our life more and more beautiful! Shandong Daixin will uphold the original intention of "all for users", adhere to the diligent pursuit of "Daiyue quality, beyond innovation", and continue Innovation, hard work and progress, with the principle of honesty and civilized management, and the three foundations of the concept of efficient and complete full service, serving the market, serving the society, and constantly writing a new chapter in the company's development!

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