Focus on the development and production of planetary reducers and hydraulic center slewing bodies

No.1 Daixin Original Intention

All for users, dedicated to providing users with excellent products and solutions, to win users' respect for us! Create a better life together with users!

No.2 Daixin Image

Honest and modest, clean and upright, with responsibility and mission!

No.3 Daixin Commercial Road

1. The motivation is good, selfishness is nothing; stick to the original intention, conscience and business.

2. Scientific planning, stable operation, expanding growth and development.

No.4 Daixin Thinking

A positive way of thinking is the key to our success. Let us treat our life and work with the right way of thinking:

1. Be ambitious and positive.

2. Have a positive attitude towards things.

3. Full of constructive thinking.

4. Have the coordination to work with others.

5. Serious, honest, humble and hardworking.

6. Not selfish, content, and grateful.

7. Full of kindness, love and kindness to others.

8. Research and innovation, pure heart.

No.5 Daixin Formula

1. Success = positive thinking * enthusiasm (effort) * ability

2. A good life = having strong and lasting good wishes and dreams that are sure to be realized (the source of success) * no less than anyone's efforts * ability

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